Which is better? The personal take on a particular business to appeal to the audience or a certified, trusted website recommending that same product to the consumers? Tricky isn’t it? But knowing which is best for a certain product or service and utilizing it to spread the reach of your service is the key to successful marketing.

But before that, it is important to understand the difference between the two to understand both the benefits and the disadvantages they possess.

Blog Marketing

Blogging was a form of online journaling where people posted their ideas, opinions, or pieces of work for others to see. It was a sort of personal statement of someone that others could read and discuss. There were people who followed a person’s blog and tried to keep up, check out new stuff the writer describes, and technically to a follower of a blog, it influences them.

This led to blog marketing where trusted bloggers or experienced people try and test out a product or service and give a personal opinion about it which may or may not be negative. Their followers would then either check it out or avoid it, hence many companies often used blogging for advertisements and endorsements to garner more consumers.


The benefits of blog marketing are numerous:

  • It is affordable and often free.
  • The interface of blogging websites is smooth and simple to use for anyone of all ages.
  • You could avail of a search engine optimization tool to gain more conversions and engagement.
  • A blog can often be joined with many social media accounts to promote it or enhance the effectiveness, thus generating many more followers making the audience larger.
  • The feedback and customer communication is at a personal level and direct, avoiding all miscommunication and confusion.


The negative aspects of blogging aren’t many but a few are:

  • Blogging can be jarring under pressure. The constant stress to be creative and generate newer ideas can often lead to creator’s blocks and can halt processes.
  • Blogging is a slow process and needs time to build a loyal and huge follower base.
  • You might have to invest quite a bit in marketing and promoting your blog also.
  • A little time may go into strategy building to make your blog a little popular.

But all in all, a blog is normally best when your service or product needs to reach a specific audience. Using blog marketing is a personal form of digital marketing. Following up by emails, calls, etc. tends to be easier as it is a close-knit target.

The pyramid form of awareness about something can be used employing a blog post, so if you’re looking for an exponential advertisement of your service, this is the way to go.

Affiliate Marketing

This is a second-party way of advertising, done indirectly for a small commission. This is a less risky, faster way of promoting your goods to the general public. This is 99% preferred by the public and marketers as it requires lesser efforts and will be in the process even when you sleep.

The basis of this is revenue sharing where for a commission, the next party will sell your goods. The party selling the goods would’ve already had the reputation of being stable and trust-worthy so half your work is done. According to established sources, there are four main players in this scheme: the merchant, the network, the publisher, and the customer all working in tandem to benefit each other and themselves.

Choosing an affiliate is very important here, as they should have credibility, stability, and people should use them regularly. Their marketing strategies should be at the top of the game.

The range at which they earn their commissions is also high, hence they make sure your product reaches a large audience. As both the seller and affiliate are inter-dependent on each other for profits and revenue, the best is brought out.


  • You don’t have to do the work, all the research about the selling and marketing, the techniques for advertising, the keeping track of profits and everything is done by them.
  • It is done professionally also, where experts and statisticians handle all your data to provide the best results for you.


  • It will be expensive when you are giving work to a team or company of good standard, which you have to; you have to shell out a lot.
  • You will also lose a part of your revenue to them as commission. This adds up if the revenue your product or service gets is less, thus it gets very hard for start-ups to use this option unless they have strong funding.

This is best used when you have already a good, strong reach and want to now establish it on a known platform to widen your business consumer base. Affiliate marketing is used by major companies to handle their marketing as the strategies and methods used are surefire going to work.

Affiliate marketing teams have huge connections with billboards and huge channels both online and on media platforms thus using every trick in the book to advertise efficiently.

According to experts, the gradual line of development is starting with a blog and then spreading out to affiliate marketing once you know your product or service is successful and popular with the audience. This makes you adjust with a small budget initially, then you can roll in the profits you generate, snowball it and invest in affiliate marketing.

Blogs are the best bet for start-ups and then calling affiliate marketing investment is because if there is potential, it is capable of bringing the best out. Established companies can directly avail of affiliate marketing.

Wrapping Up!

The points enlisted is a brief description of blogging and affiliate marketing which are two very important aspects of digital marketing.

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