SEO is the abbreviated form of Search Engine Optimization and is a term used to define the practice of the mechanism of driving traffic towards your company. This is done via search engines such as Bing. Google, Baidu, etc. There are three main factors that are to be considered while considering SEO. They include the quality of traffic, the quantity of traffic, and the organic results.

These are not at all easy to educate ourselves on due to which many institutes, such as SkillCircle™, which is one of the premier Digital Marketing Training Institutes, helps guide both freshers as well as professionals to make a mark in the digital marketing industry.

How does SEO function?

From the audience’s point of view, they may think SEO just includes the long lists of organic results that come up when a few words are typed into the search engine. But the real question is, what is the mechanism that enables such results to be displayed?

The search engines that are used are equipped with crawlers that bring in information in the form of 0’1 and 1’s so as to build up a database of information. This helps decide a suitable algorithm to match the data to the queries.

Key Features of SEO

SEO consists of various SEO features that are usually taught through various institutes, one common one being SkillCircle™, a Digital Marketing Institute Delhi. Some of the features have been mentioned in the brief below.

  • Customization feature that provides the ability to create URLs, header tags, title tags, and meta descriptions according to one’s needs.
  • A URL that generates high optimization and an easy 301 redirect from an old URL to a new URL.
  • Customization and optimization of the website on mobile and reduction of redundancy
  • Proper organization of search results page based on a well-fed algorithm
  • Strong internal search features.

What are the types of SEO?

The types of SEO can be categorized into 7 broad categories. They can be learned very easily after enrolling yourself in a digital marketing course.

  • White Hat SEO
  • Black Hat SEO
  • Grey Hat SEO
  • Negative SEO
  • On-Page SEO
  • Off-Page SEO
  • Technical SEO

Benefits of SEO

The benefits that come along with the utilization of SEO are plenty. Some of them have been summarized under.

  • A better UI is generated while using SEO
  • SEO is the main source of leads
  • Better conversion rates are generated when SEO is utilized
  • A cost-efficient solution to attract traffic towards your content
  • SEO also helps build up a brand and gives value or credibility to it
  • SEO also helps improve brand awareness
  • SEO aids as a long term strategy and helps increase market share
  • SEO helps provide you with a competitive advantage

What to cover in SEO?

As apparent as it may sound, the SEO needs for every company vary depending on the industry that they belong to. The various industries that SEO has proved to aid include manufacturing, healthcare, retail, home services, and many more. 

One of the main and most important elements of SEO is the SEO strategy. It can be defined as the process that involved planning, creating a plan, and implementing ways to help boost the search engine rankings. In simple terms, the process is a key element that helps attract organic traffic to the website or content that the business wishes its audience to see.

The ranking is a direct reflection of your performance quality. This helps the business owners have better control over their functions, constantly finding ways to improve.

In fact, you can also control your traffic by controlling the number of visitors who make a pit stop at your website and use that as a way to determine sales or leads.

Businesses are constantly competing with one another, always trying to find ways to improve and be the best. SEO enables them to know their stance in the industry as well as helps move them forward in the competition.

Is it worth investing in an SEO course?

Courses on SEO are pretty much worth it at the rate the marketing industry is making strides in the field of digital marketing. In actuality, the results that are generated generate returns on investments with more than 200%. Various researches have also stated that SEO is one of the world’s best-ranked marketing channels with respect to the returns on investments that it generates.

Quick tips to master SEO

  • Understand your client and their needs
  • Highly integrate keyword mapping with the searches that people most commonly make
  • Learn the art of becoming a topic expert and finding the right value that the audience is looking for
  • Increase the number of guest posting to help build up your brand
  • Look into incorporating an omnichannel approach or strategy as opposed to an approach sticking to traditional strategies
  • Master the art of using plugins as they minimize the process of SEO optimization
  • Do not restrict yourself to just the exact keyword matches, go out of the box and integrate elements of creativity along with it.


SEO is a vital component of digital marketing, every digital marketer must be well aware of. Due to its recent entry into the industry and its constantly evolving nature, we are often left to adapt to the new changes on our own without any proper guidance. But various  Digital Marketing Institutes in Connaught Place, such as SkillCircle™ help aid those who wish to enter the field or polish their skills by guiding them at every step.

We at SkillCircle™, a Digital Marketing Institute in Connaught Place, provides a digital marketing training program. We not only help in aiding the buildup of skill set in a trainee but also provide practical knowledge and experience to those willing to put in the extra work and master the art of SEO!


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