Whether you’re an influencer, a business, or the average-joe, social media is a big part of your life. It is an inescapable part of our social order that we’re bound to serve. Think about it.

What is the first thing you do when you wake up? I hop on to Instagram, even if I’m running late. Can you blame me?

It’s amazing having the world at your fingertips at any time of day. And the more we enjoy it, the more we become dependent.

So what should we look out for in 2021?

Social Gaming will increase usage time

Social media sites and apps have started to introduce short-time and long-time investment games, accessible through their platforms. This involves users so that they spend a lot of time on the app by playing.

I know I sure do spend more time on Facebook than I intend to, only because I play Scrabble with my friends. More and more platforms will begin to use Social Gaming, not only to increase the screen time of their app but also to eventually generate revenue.

Virtual Reality will bridge distanced people

We’re living in a modern era, dominated by technology. As a result, we’ve made it easier for ourselves to bridge long distances with digital social contact. Virtual Realities are the perfect space for that.

Not only will we adopt this trend in 2021, but it might earn good value in our lives as we use it during social distancing and working from home. Virtual realities are going to be explored to create a more fulfilling social experience on social media platforms.

It sure is going to be extremely interesting to see the spike in virtual reality, but let’s be conscientious and prevent ourselves from depending on it too much!

Augmented Reality will advance and entertain

We have been tasting crumbs of augmented reality on social media through the various creative filters available on Snapchat and Instagram. These platforms opened up and allowed users to create their own unique filters.

This made room for a lot of originality and expression, leading developers to constantly try and achieve more. As we’ve seen, augmented reality poses as a fun activity and time killer. It is interactive and engaging and is a good way of increasing reach and interaction with followers.

Since it does not require any changes to hardware, social media platforms are likely to integrate newer advancements to make them a more enjoyable experience.

Social commerce will skyrocket

How many times did we step outside to buy things in 2019? And in 2020?

Although we’re seeing most shops, malls, and stores opening up, more parts of the population are learning to shop online, and are starting to trust it. This means that social media marketing has become more effective than it used to be.

We must warn you, though. This has already, and will continue to give rise to scammers who market false opportunities under the name of “special offers” and “limited schemes”. Steer clear of them!

Inclusivity, Authenticity, and Transparency become essential

Speaking of scammers, authenticity will be of utmost importance for anyone who wants to succeed on social media. The average user is becoming more aware of social media protocols and is learning how to identify a brand with their social media presence.

This means every business is put under the spotlight. Promoting inclusivity and hopping onto liberal trends is gaining power and potential. It has almost become imperative for social media influencers to prove their authenticity and be completely honest about their entire lives.

Socially conscious audiences expect brands and influencers to wake, irrespective of their clientele, industry, or branding image. In 2021, not only will this become a trend, but will become an expectation of any and every user.

Memes will become hallmarks of the time

Memes have become our language. Compacting elaborate opinions, feelings, and perspectives into pictographic images, backed by ample humorous context is how we communicate. As memes gain more validity as a form of expression, it has grown on older people. In many communities in 2021, it will begin to take center stage.

GIFs, which are quick easy ways of adding spice to conversations, and of making posts more relatable, interactive, and interesting, will become symbolic of our time. Not only will they express political, economical, social, romantic, psychological, and cultural trends, but they will become these trends.

New standards for User-generated content will emerge

We’ve already seen the popularity of remixing audios, videos, and video concepts through social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube. This trend will only gain more attention as it becomes the main form of user-generated content.

This type of content will be made more interactive. As big business brands begin to participate in these trends, they drive social media to slowly become one of the most important forms of mainstream media.

Misinformation will fuel fires

Our reliance on social media to be informed and updated about current events will spark the curiosity of many. To derive personal benefits from naive audiences, people might spread wrong information.

This will lead to many controversies. However, we choose to keep our focus on the light at the end of the tunnel. By the end of every chaos, we will become more skeptical, more reflective, and more analytical about the information we consume. There’s always a silver lining, isn’t there?

Nostalgia will be a common feeling

These last two years have been full of new and unfamiliar experiences. Some of them were exciting, and some extremely boring. Either way, we will begin to look back at these years with a nostalgic eye, reminiscing how we spent our time.

Some of us will be relieved at escaping our downfalls, our struggles, our helplessness, while others will come out of a long period of hard work and self-care. 2021 is going to be all about the ‘good old days’. We can’t guarantee Throwback Thursdays will be back, but we can’t deny that that emotion will be felt.


The upcoming social media trends of 2021 will make our use of technology more dynamic, as we begin to explore new possibilities of social interaction through digital platforms. Since it is the people who determine social media norms, it is also up to us to make the most of it for our benefit.

Prepare for an unprecedented spike of social media presence, and hold on to your hats as the human race indulges in games, virtual and augmented reality, memes, Reels, and so many other forms of expression.


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