Digital marketing is a part of the brands’ overall marketing campaign endeavor that is gradually eating into the share of offline marketing campaigns. It uses the internet, and the allied online digital technologies, social media platforms to promote and campaign for your brands.

It deploys similar concepts and strategies of offline advertising. As the game changed, the process shifted radically from traditional offline advertising to more technology-driven, focused, and targeted online campaigns. With the advancements of technology, the field of digital marketing is completely changing, making it necessary for marketers to pitch new strategies inorder to get better returns.

But coping with the momentous changes often becomes difficult. Therefore, in this ever changing field, many bloggers have taken the onus to ease the task. Through engaging blogs, they bring to the table, the updates, tips and secrets of digital marketing that can help you keep on your toes.

 We will now get straight to business by unveiling the best blogs for you. You can take a leaf from these blogs to add it to your next digital marketing strategy. The order in which we mentioned the blogs below is not to rank them, but to share insights into each blog.

1.The Moz Blog – Unleashing the business & industry news

One of the best blogs to read, it helps you to stay on top of all industry and business news. The news covers a wide spectrum of topics that include SEO techniques and online marketing strategies. Popularly known as an SEO toolset, the blog encompasses inbound marketing topics. The blog offers proven insights for winning search optimization strategies.

2.Content Marketing Institute – On Content-driven Digital marketing

Content is an inner strength of your online marketing endeavor. How efficiently you plan and design the strategies for marketing online digital marketing depends on how effective the content is. Content vehicles your digital marketing endeavors to places. The blogs on this site are a must-read. You will learn how strategic content may take you miles ahead in brand promotion.

3.Marketing Land–Stay Abreast with the latest features of Social Platforms

The marketing land website offers blogs for varied content encompassing the latest industry news. The blogs share updates on the Content Management System (CMS), the latest features of social media, the authentic and content-rich posts that are very relevant to today’s social media. It is a part of its main blog, Search Engine Land Publication.

4.Econsultancy–Practical Digital Marketing Techniques for specific industries

If you are looking for prudent brand promotion advice, then this is the go-to blog for you. The blogs on Econsultancy cover a wide gamut of digital marketing topics that go deeper into specific niche industries. The blogs offer in-depth analysis of digital marketing techniques for niche industries. The resources mentioned in the blogs offer practice advice for online brand promotions.

5.Kissmetrics–Comparison Blogs on data-backed Marketing Strategies

Kissmetrics blog posts share analytical insights into marketing strategies. Leverage the data-driven statistical trends to make detailed online reports on brands’ performance. The posts focus on solutions to improve your marketing performance online. You will get many findings that will help you shape your decisions to achieve the marketing milestones.

6.Convince and Convert–Posts from Jay Baer & a team of advisors

On this site, you will come across various website posts, audio-based resources like podcasts, informative blogs, and eBooks. Jay Baer’s team strives to get you a perfect platform that you have been looking for to know about advertising on Digital media.

The articles are brief enough to hold your interest and simple to understand. The blogs help to analyze your content on how effective your digital marketing strategies are to achieve marketing goals. The posts evoke out of box thinking. It reveals new opportunities for digital marketing.

7.Social Fresh–Catch up with Blogs via alternate media on the go from anywhere, anytime

This is one of my favorites because of the other media forms included. The posts embed alternate media. These alternate media channels include podcasts to help people listen to the blog post on the move. The posts offer embedded links of YouTube and other media channel videos as recorded speeches, and recorded video presentations on notable occasions and events. Social fresh brings the idea to follow posts when you are running out of time to flip through millions of pages.

This is an innovative, smarter, and efficient mode of consuming blogs without reading the pages.

8.PR Daily News Combine – Industry related Top Marketing and Tech Posts

If you want to read top stores in specific industries, PR Daily News should be your first pick. The digital world is pretty dynamic and in a state of constant update. To catch up with all the latest happenings and events on digital and social media, you need to be on top with the latest news updates.

This is where PR Daily News gains relevance. The posts enrich communication, collaboration, and PR skills. It highlights the tools, trends, and techniques through the posts and the topics which is the key takeaway for readers of the blog. It offers a delightful mix of marketing and technology topics.

9.PSFK – Surpassing and Redefining the Game

The blog is a game ahead of the rest. It covers from gadgets to technology to marketing topics under its stride. It offers all the insights, qualitative analysis, and high-quality information. The posts have stunning visuals, pose thought-provoking questions, and offer engaging topics to create inquisitiveness in the minds of the readers. Engrossing tech-oriented writeups, industry forecasts, downloadable trend reports keep them ahead of the competition.

10.Search Engine Journal – For Techies who need advanced and latest on SEO

This is the place for all the latest updates and news on SEO. The USP of the blog is that they source facts and figures of the news from Google. They offer advanced, time-tested, innovative tips around SEO techniques and PPC. Whether it is the latest algorithm or best practices parameters of a company, SEJ is the go-to blog for your team to check first.


Digital Marketing has changed the face of marketing, both offline and online. This altered online landscape leveraged the new technologies and acted as the new disruptor to the marketing campaigns the world has seen until now. Digital technology will develop and marketing strategies will grow so will the blogs that truly reflect the essence of the digital technology revolution sweeping the world.

To get to the grips with the evolving world of digital marketing, stay tuned to these flourishing blogs!


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