Social media today is in the public eye for both businesses and professionals. Social media marketing has been a prominent career path by several professionals. There is steady progress in social media marketing as it employs cutting-edge technology. 

They also help escalate the sales funnel of every business. Social media has become a mandatory parameter in every profession. Are you planning to make a career in social media marketing? Keep scrolling and grasp the social media marketing interview questions and answers. 

Social media interview questions and answers 

1.Question: What is your idea about social media marketing?

Answer: Social media marketing follows the strategy of utilizing social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and more for promoting services and products. By the above definition, businesses capture more traffic and customers. Marketers post appealing content on these platforms, run campaigns, and associate with the customers. 

2.Question:What is the reason for social media popularity?

Answer: People across the globe use social media for several reasons and make it a prevalent platform. The dominant reasons for social media familiarity are 

  • People gain the opportunity to hunt and connect with other people. 
  • Family and friends stay connected with social media platforms. 
  • Professional networking has its importance with sites like Linkedin. 
  • These platforms are free and have many algorithms incorporated within. These algorithms identify the content type according to people and represent the same on their feed section. 
  • To immerse into gorgeous visions from across the globe and share splendid pictures, Instagram helps. 
  • To connect with brands and stay updated, people opt for the Twitter domain. 
  • People use social media for entertainment and also to learn new stuff. 

The Global web index statistics state that about 54% of visitors utilize social media for purchasing products. All these add to the familiarity of social media. 

3.Question:Do you know the ways by which social media benefits business?

Answer: There are copious ways by which social media drives business towards success. 

  • Social media enhances brand awareness as they reach highly targeted and new consumers.  
  • They humanize the brand by creating the capability of actual human connection. 
  • Social media supports thought leadership which is a splendid way to develop consumer trust. 
  • The Pew research center states that users log in to social media accounts a minimum of once or multiple times a day. Such an act offers an exclusive opportunity to associate with visitors and followers as they log in. Informative and entertaining posts are sure to obtain more views. 
  • Social media helps gain attention and visibility from visitors. They grab more traffic for the website. 
  • Lead generation is an exclusive opportunity for businesses to achieve through social media. A good example is the Renault market in Europe. They employ Facebook lead ads for followers craving to know the latest model, learn about it and even book for a test drive. 
  • Social media is a crucial part of the sales funnel where a new visitor turns into a customer. Hence they boost sales. 

4.Question:Which social media platform is best for my business?

Answer: Businesses can opt for these social media platforms for the best results 

  • Facebook 
  • LinkedIn 
  • Twitter
  • Youtube
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram
  • Reddit
  • Quora
  • Whatsapp
  • We chat
  • Messenger
  • Tumblr
  • QQ
  • Snapchat
  • Qzone

5.Question:Mention any one strategy that helps you flourish as a social media marketer?

Answer: For a booming success of business in social media, there are strategies to follow. 

  • Initiating the use of chatbots to solve customer queries.
  • By employing personalized ordeal for customers boosts sales and develops a reliable fan base. 
  • Evolving a good community for the audience. 
  • Incorporating brand advocates by succeeding social media guidelines specifically for brands, Adding leaders to every social media section, and monitoring data for improvement. 
  • Running campaigns across various channels.
  • Presenting live stories at times. 

6.Question:What are the ways by which you can measure social media success?

Answer: There are plenty of tools that assist in checking the success of social media success. There are also a few parameters to analyze the success of social media. 

  • An escalation of leads. 
  • Increase in the number of followers. 
  • Online sales elevation 
  • More number of inbound links to the site through social media
  • Conversions in the subscription number. 
  • The social shares, commenting of bloggers, and traffic generation.
  • The number of accounts created 
  • Submission of query forms
  • Total posts published 

7.Question:State a few blog tricks that help increase website traffic?

Answer: To grab more traffic towards a website, following these interesting blog tricks makes it successful.

  • To publish on Pinterest with an appealing image and captivating title.
  • Post a short video clip about the content that lures more traffic. 
  • There should be the promotion of content through many platforms such as,, 
  • Development of small content presentations on slides and sharing them as websites is a unique way.
  •  Sharing a direct link of the above to the content with the visitors makes it better.  
  • Sharing the image and title of the blogpost on Instagram. Posting the pictures to Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, and other prominent platforms helps to gain more traffic. 

8.Question:Can you state a few social media marketing tools and their benefits?

Answer: Let me list some preeminent social media marketing tools that assist in enhancing your campaigns. 

  • Radian 6: The social media management application aims for enterprise categories that help them post research, listening, analytics, or campaigns. 
  • Tweetdeck: This is a beneficial tool that helps to manage many platforms such as Facebook, foursquare, myspace, LinkedIn, and more. 
  • Zendesk: The tool works great for gathering messages from multiple platforms in a cooperative way, such as inbox, Emails, customer management platform, and more. 
  • HootSuite: The exclusive tool works brilliantly in monitoring social media dashboards and for managing teams. 
  • Sprout Social: The tool helps in managing multiple brands, searches, and pages. There are also ways to post reports, analytics, and competitor research including, tasks for new members. 

9.Question:Can you say the impact of social media on marketing?

Answer: Social media impacts business in innumerable ways. 

  • Support to elevate personalization.
  • Help business to be omnipresent.
  • Professions are capable of building personal brands.
  • Loyalty generation is more with social media. 
  • The association of industry is more.
  • Businesses gain more referrals.
  • Addition of credibility.
  • Social media Helps measure audience feedback. 

10.Question:What are the ways you follow to handle a negative review or a customer? 

Answer: Irrespective of the teamwork and quality product, negative comments are unavoidable and need careful handling. There are ways to handle negative comments as below. 

  • By not disregarding negative comments.
  • Making sincere apologies.
  • Personalizing messages to customers. 
  • By not involving in false promises. 
  • Evading from the spotlight.
  • Replying instantly.
  • Explaining the scenario to the customer. 
  • Generating all positive comments. 

11.Question:What are the methods to get more retweets?

Answer: To captivate people for retweets is by knowing the best time of the day for tweeting, attaching images, associating with more Twitter users, and permitting more characters for visitors to retweet. 

12.Question:Can you name a few elements of a viral video?

Answer: To post a viral video and grab several visitors few parameters are essential.

  • Time: The initial 20 seconds of the video plays a crucial role. Visitors decide to stay or leave the video after watching the first 20 seconds. Hence the first few seconds need to be captivating. 
  • Focussing the audience: It is the responsibility of the marketer to decide the spectators for the content. A good suggestion would be developing universal content than targeting specific groups. 
  • Distribution: It is usual to share the content on top social media sites, but another smart way is by sharing the content with influencers, bloggers, and journalists to whom the content is beneficial. 
  • Appealing: Quoting a catchy phrase captivates the thoughts of visitors. The titles must be attention-grabbing, So visitors click to watch them. Meaningful tags and fascinating descriptions are beneficial too. 

13.Question:What metrics help you know the success of social media campaigns? 

Answer: The main parameters for social media campaigns are leads and engagement. Whether it is Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Linkedin, or more, representing quantifiable evidence is essential. Social media specialists possess the capability to turn visitors into customers. 

14.Question:Is Google+ an appropriate tool for marketing? 

Answer: Google+ plays a perfect role in sharing content. Any organization sharing the best content on Google+ and obtaining +1 has the opportunity to get indexed immediately. The above helps in the good ranking of websites. 

15.Question:How do you update yourself about new domains in social media and the latest innovations? 

Answer: I update myself about the state-of-the-art innovations and new upgrades in social media by following many industry websites and blogs. I have a habit of regularly practicing and learning new updates. I also discuss with my colleagues the latest trends and get to know them from their projects. 

16.Question:Do you know the metrics for monitoring ROI on social media?

Answer: Conversions, lead generation, brand reach, and engagement are the mandatory measures of social media ROI. A great way is by talking about aspects from Google analytics, the data obtained from every platform, and the software utilized. 

17.Question:Is it a good idea to run a free event on the Facebook page, hence visitors share and like your usual post?

Answer: The guidelines and rules for every platform are different and need research. Facebook does not favor clickbait posts but supports only sharing and liking. Hence it is not a good idea to run free events on facebook. 

18.Question:Can you mention the working of RSS feed and its importance?

Answer: The RSS feed leads the content to the business site, offering chances for visitors to visit and subscribe. The RSS feed is crucial as it averts visiting the website often for fresh content. The browser plays the principal role of informing the visitor about any updates on the website. The best feature about RSS is that the browser has the facility to download new data for visitors. The visitor needs to enter the URL of the site and get all fresh updates at once. 

19.Question:Can Facebook be used for conversion measurement? How?

Answer: Yes, Facebook is beneficial for conversion measurement by using the conversion pixel. The above is a code posted on your website. The codes help in measuring the conversion rate of the service or product offered. Tracking of conversion for adverts on Facebook is possible. The above is applicable for adverts with a day, seven days, or 28 days after a visitor clicks the advert. 

20.Question:Do you know about Facebook edge rank? Can you abbreviate?

Answer: An algorithm called Facebook edge rank determines the category of the content displayed on the user news feed. Facebook edge rank is crucial for several reasons. 

  • The posts on the news feed have more chances to get to your fans than on your page. 
  • The truth is that about 96% of visitors do not visit the Brands Facebook page after the first visit. 
  • About 27% of the time visitors spend on Facebook is mainly on the news feed. 

21.Question:What are the ways to elevate Facebook’s edge rank?

Answer: Follow the following tips for a better Facebook edge rank 

  • Make it visual: Employ videos and photos as it grabs more users. 
  • Maintain minimal words: Comments, shares, and likes are more likely for posts that bear 100 to 250 characters. 
  • Maintain relevance: Post contents in association with the product or service and not mentioning directly the product or service. 
  • Probe for solutions: It is better to ask for suggestions about the content and ways to enhance it. 
  • Appropriate timing: Find the best time for your customers and cling to them accordingly. 
  • Post regularly: The fact is that 96% of visitors do not visit your page, So regular posting helps to reach them. 

22.Question:What are the other ways to optimize the content other than social media? 

Answer: Apart from social sites, communities such as viral content buzz, social buzz club, tribe, and more gathers content creators and elevates social media promotion. 

23.Question:What are the methods to enhance Facebook reach?

Answer: Several ways help in elevating facebook reach as follows. 

  • Avert the usage of third-party tools for posting and scheduling posts on social media. 
  • Elevate your Facebook edge rank, as it determines contents that have more visibility on the visitor news feed. 
  • Purchasing ads is an intelligent plan. 
  • Like gating is an exclusive option where accessing the content gains likes. 
  • Hold direct contact with fans by developing an email list and website. 

24.Question:Can you state the ways to evaluate the social media presence of a business?

Answer: Some parameters help evaluate the social media presence of business as follows 

  • The constancy of content published on social media platforms. 
  • Registered businesses with various social media domains such as Linkedin, Facebook, Pinterest, etc. 
  • The kind of content posted if it is text or images etc.
  • If the business information on the social sites is latest and updated.
  • The consistency of the business brand on every network line. 
  • If the intention of using social sites for a conversation or pushing messages. 
  • The franchise and employees from other divisions have developed their profiles on social networks. 
  • Are the appropriate metrics followed by businesses to gain better attention on social media? 
  • Does the social media profile possess relevant links to blogs, websites, and other social media sites? 
  • Do the business goals and social media description sync?

25.Question:Do you think Youtube plays a better role in marketing? 

Answer: The likes for videos are increasing day by day, and Youtube is a leader in the niche. Youtube is the globe’s second-biggest search engine with 3 billion views every day. For businesses looking for promoting videos, Youtube is the ultimate choice. For videos that are tremendously popular, stand on the homepage of youtube that improves it further. 


If you decide to get into a social media marketing professional, enhancing your skill level is essential. The above interview questions and answers help you crack the interview smartly.

 A good piece of advice would be to update yourself with the latest happenings in the social media domain for better opportunities. 

The social media marketing interview questions and answers help in bringing out the best potential in you. Why wait? Review the complete interview questions, update & the latest information about social media marketing courses with Skill Circle, and get started for your interview.

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