Nowadays, in the digital marketing industry, SEO has its own place. There are a lot of people willing to build up their careers in this field. And why not? Not only the salary but the growth is also amazing. SEO is not just a three-letter term; it has a vast background. There are a lot of things that one must know about it if he or she is willing to build a successful SEO career.

There are different positions for which one can apply, like the SEO Analyst, SEO Executive, SEO Intern, SEO Specialist, and others. In order to get the position, it is necessary to crack the interview. Considering the same and helping you, here we are providing the list of top SEO questions and Answers. Take a look.

Top SEO Question & Answers

Question: What is SEO? What are the major types of methods used in SEO?

Answer:  SEO is also termed search engine optimization. It helps in maintaining the rank of a particular website or web page in the SERP with the help of keywords and Ajax.

SEO methods are basically of two types:

  • On-Page SEO And
  • Off-Page SEO

Question: What is the meaning of backlink?

Answer: Backlinks are also known as inbound links. These are the incoming links to the web pages.

Question: Body Content Relevance- According to you, what is it?

Answer: The content available on a web page without any image is considered as body content relevance. It is also known as non-image text. Suppose you want to site in a better way than you can consider it. It also helps in improving the web page rank in search engines.

Question: What is an outbound link?

Answer: Links that are given from our website to any other website are considered outbound links

Question: What do you mean by crosslinking?

Answer: Cross-linking is basically a process in which once it gets link to another site

Question: What are the crosslinking functions?

Answer: Cross-linking is actually multifunctional. It helps the users in getting the reference sites having the information related to their query. One single person cannot own two websites crosslinking.

Question: Do you know about the major tools used in SEO?

Answer: The major tools commonly used in SEO include:

  • Google Keyword Planner.
  • SEMrush
  • Alexa
  • Growth Bar
  • Deep Crawl
  • Ahrefs
  • Open Site Explorer and many more.

Question: Why are the keywords used in SEO?

Answer: Keyword is actually the single term that the search engines use for populating the content or web page available on the internet. Also, these are the common terms used by individuals to search for particular information.

Question: What are robots, crawlers, and spiders?

Answer: Spider, Robot, and Crawler are not different from each other. This is a software program having different names. It follows different links given on the internet, and then it checks and analyzes the content given. Thereafter it indexes it.

Question: In case you are searching any domain, and nothing is appearing, then what does that mean?

Answer: In such a situation, three major possibilities could be there. Either the search engine has banned the site, or the search engine did not index the site, or there may be some major issues.

Question: According to you, what is a Google boat?

Answer: Googlebot is also known as a web spider. It is a type of tool that is used by Google for indexing and updating web pages. With the help of Googlebot, the details get collected from a web page to complete the caching process along with crawling and indexing.

Question: What do you mean by keyword stemming?

Answer: When we search or get some new keywords by using the root keyword, then it is known as keyword stemming. In this, to create a new keyword, we usually add prefix, suffix, or pluralize it.

Question: What are the major types of Meta tags in SEO? What is the character limit?

Answer: Majorly, there are four types of Meta tags available in search engine optimization

  • The first one is a Meta description tag with a 1200 pixel limit
  • The second is the Meta keyword tag
  • The third is a title tag with a 600-pixel limit
  • The last one is Meta robots

Question: In Meta description tags, how many characters can be included?

Answer: According to the guidelines of Google, we can add 70 characters to the title and 158-160 in the description. Recently the pixel limit has also been introduced to use instead of the char. Limit.

Question: Is there any difference between SERP and PR?

Answer: Yes, there is. The SERP or search engine result page is basically the placement of a webpage resultant from the query searched by any individual. The number of quality inbound links availed from other website are used to calculate the page rank.

Question: What do you mean by Google sandbox?

Answer: It is a fictional section where Google places the new website until they prove themselves that they have a worth to get ranked. In simple words, it can be stated that it is a method of Google to analyze the website’s standard.

Question: What is black hat SEO?

Answer: There are different methods and techniques used by websites to avail a good rank on the search engine results page. One of the methods is black hat SEO. This method is not according to the guidelines of Google. While on the other hand, the method accepted by the Google guidelines is known as white hat SEO.

Question: What do you mean by cloaking?

Answer: Cloaking is considered a deceptive way that can be used to optimize the website for search engine result pages. In this, there is a difference between the content presented to the end-user and content shown to the search engine crawler.

Question: Do you know any black hat SEO techniques commonly used by websites?

Answer: Link framing, hidden text, and keyword stuffing are some of the famous black hat SEO techniques.

Question: Distinguish between do-follow, and no follow link?

Answer: The do-follow links have an impact on the algorithm of Google ranking, while on the other hand, the no-follow links do not have any impact on the algorithm of Google ranking.

Question: What is the value of a title tag given on a website?

Answer: In SEO, title tags have an important place. It helps in getting information about the content available on the webpage. With the help of title tags, the user gets notified about the contents of the page.

Question: How do you check either your SEO campaign is working?

Answer: First of all, we need to check the statistics of the website that provides information regarding the origination of the traffic. Thereafter the search-based checking gets done on relevant keywords and key phrases. The search results also help in knowing that our SEO campaign is working or not.

Question: Building a backlink is important or creating content?

Answer: Both building backlinks and creating quality content are necessary. Just like building backlinks, creating quality content is also important. Although in order to build up the site authority, link building is considered useful when it comes to rankings, quality content is considered as the crucial element.

Question: What is the major difference between SEM and SEO?

Answer: SEM or search engine marketing is basically used to promote a website with the help of paid advertising by increasing their visibility in the action of the ad. The site gets optimized to avail an organic ranking.

Question: What do you know about LSI?

Answer: LSI basically stands for latent semantic indexing is highly used for obtaining information by relating a particular term to a similar context or the closest counterpart. In case you are looking for the keyword “mobile,” then you will get the results like android mobile, mobile functions, mobile cover, and others.

Question: What do you know about competitive analysis?

Answer: Competitive analysis is actually a process in which we compare between the highly ranked websites in SERP and the websites we are optimizing.

Question: In case your SEO techniques do not work, then what will you do?

Answer: First of all, I will analyze the problem thoroughly and try to resolve it. I will start with rechecking the keywords I have used in my web pages. Then I will start searching more keywords with relevancy that can help. In case my web page or website is indexed well but still not having a position in the top 10 pages, then I will start making changes in the description, title content, and page text as well. In case the indexing is not done, then I will search the issues with seriousness and work on it again until the problem gets resolved.

Question: What do you know by PPC?

Answer: PPC is basically pay-per-click. It is actually an advertisement campaign that is hosted by Google itself. There are two modules included in this segment that are cost per click and cost per thousand impressions. In the cost per click method, the advertiser will only be charged if the user clicks on the advertisement. The cost per thousand impressions gets done through the bidding and flat rates.

Question: What do you mean by “301 redirects”?

Answer: The method through which a user gets redirected towards the new page from the old page is known as “301 redirects”. It actually helps in linking the contents from the old URL to the new URL.

Question: What do you know about webmaster tools?

Answer: Webmaster tools are the services through which one can easily get information related to backlink, queries related to search, can also get details about crawl errors, CTR, and indexing data as well.

Question: What do you know about keyword density? How can you calculate the keyword density on your page?

Answer: Keyword density is actually one of the important components that help the web pages to get a nice rank on search engine result pages. Also, it helps in stand out amongst others. In order to know the keyword density, you need to divide the total number of keywords by the total number of words given in the article, and then you need to multiply it by 100

Question: What do you mean by robot.txt?

Answer: It is basically a text file that provides guidelines to the crawlers in regard to complete the caching and indexing of a particular website or webpage.

Question: In case your client decides to move all the content given at the old site to a new domain, then what will you do in such a situation?

Answer: First of all, I will update the previous site and permanently redirect it to the new page for all the pages. Thereafter I will delete all the previous written content from the search engine so that no duplicate issues will be faced.

Question: How you get to know that someone has buildup or redirect a low-quality backlink on your website?

Answer: For this, I will use tools like ahrefs or open site explorer. I will use these tools at regular intervals. Also, I will request the Google webmaster to remove the bad link present.

Question: In case the search engine bands your website for using black hat SEO, then what will you do?

Answer: I will apply for re-inclusion after correcting all the wrongdoings.

Question: In case your website is having millions of pages, then what will you do to optimize it?

Answer: From an SEO point of view, first of all, I will maintain a good internal link structure and then generate the dynamic title and description. Also, I will generate a dynamic XML sitemap for the same.

Question: Do you know the latest updates in SEO?

Answer: Yes, recently, there are two latest updates declared in SEO. First is Penguin, and another one is Panda.

Question: Discuss the Panda Update aspects?

Answer: It is actually implemented with the motive to improve the search on Google. It highly focused upon the quality content, speed of the page, usage of images design of the website, and several other factors.

Question: What is the major aspect of the penguin update?

Answer: The penguin update is actually the codename of the Google algorithm. The major target of this Penguin is to affect the ranking of those websites not following the Google webmaster guidelines, or we can say it will decrease the ranking of those sites using black hat techniques like stuffing and clock.

Hence, there are some of the best SEO Interview questions and answers that will help you out in getting succeeded and availing the best position. You can go through them and take their advantage to the fullest. We wish you all the best for your SEO Interview.


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