If you are looking for a job change or want to grab a leading career, digital marketing can be the perfect option for you.

Your career can be promising and profitable if you invest yourself in the latest domain of digital marketing.

Frankly speaking, digital marketing is already shaping people’s lives and fast-changing the way consumers are buying and selling online.

This unprecedented growth has given rise to huge job opportunities for seeking individuals who want to benefit from this market.

In this post, we’ll look at the 8 topmost job areas in digital marketing. Here we go.

1. Content Developer

Content is the currency of digital marketing. Hence, we need someone to create it.

Among professionals who do that, we’ve got writers, editors, reviewers, graphic designers, photographers, and video editors to name a few.

A single blog post may include the work for all these professionals that we call Content Developers.

To see yourself in one of them, you need to have strong writing skills with updated grammar knowledge. Apart from that, update yourself about as many subject domains as possible.

SEO writer is the one who is in charge of creating SEO friendly contents as per the SEO guidelines.

2. Content Manager & Strategists

Content management stays at the heart of marketing for any digital marketing agency or online marketing team. It virtually taps every level of marketing. It includes much more than just writing and handling social media activity.

Firstly, content managers need to have a sound understanding of creating SEO-friendly content from scratch.

Second, they also need to know how to structure, store, and run it as well. Besides that, they should know how it applies to multiple facets of digital marketing.

Plus, they should be able to create and spread the content for their online audience.

They are responsible for handling social media strategy and managing content development.

The content manager also looks after creating a content calendar built on the analytics of online user behavior.

To fulfill that, the content manager has to spot the variation between every digital marketing arm and how to use them.

3. SEO/SEM Specialists

SEO and SEM are the mainstays of any digital marketing campaign.

First off, what’s SEO and SEM?

Its search engine optimization and search engine marketing. It means creating your site in a way that makes it common for people to land on your site when they make an online search for any information or your business.

SEO specialists have to know how to do keyword research and build an SEO strategy around it. They should be proficient in using tracking tools like Google Search Console, Google Trends, and Google Analytics to work daily.

SEO writer is a junior position in the content marketing or SEO team. The writer will solely focus on creating content that follows updated SEO guidelines.

4. Social Media Manager

Each social media platform has its own attributes and fixed set of audience. That’s why it needs an expert to know how to use each social media channel for marketing.

The professional expert needs to work on a strategy to grow and engage your client’s social media to account across multiple platforms.

As a social media expert, you need to work with content creators, designers, and ad managers to promote online content. It will draw new users to your channel and build customer trust promoting brand awareness.

In short, the expert will create and monitor social campaign results.

5. Email Marketing Specialist

As an Email Marketing Specialist, you will handle all customer relationships through email flows.

It is a specific area of content creation and marketing where copywriting and editing skill is a must.

Email Marketing is the use of segmentation, regular flows, metric analysis, and specific tools. To execute that, you need to have a deep understanding of emails, transactional and promotional.

Email is still one of the most effective ways of content out there. An email marketing expert requires having a persuasive writing or an efficient writer. You will also be responsible for campaigns, launches, and PR activities that are carved out of customer data and data lists.

It is basically a lead generating exercise where experts need to work in tangent with digital marketers and content managers.

6. UX Designer

UX designers, also known as User Experience designers, are in charge of end to end development of websites and digital marketing apps. They need to have an in-depth understanding of the website & app designs with sound technical knowledge.

They grasp the intent of the product and services offered first and then create a marketing experience for online users. It needs a keen eye to finish a website or application from start to end.

7. Digital Influencer

Digital Influencers are content producers, but of a different sort. They have a unique talent to capture the attention of online users through engaging images and content.

Digital Influencers are a great fit for brand marketing. What an influencer does is talk about a brand’s views, lifestyle, and other subjects to create promotional content around it.

To become a digital influencer, you need to create natural and personal content that involves present and unique themes.

8. Bot Developer

The rising use of AI and virtual assistants serve as a great tool to offer better customer service.

Bot developers and AI specialists are adept at creating and programming chatbots to offer a matchless user experience. It also compels customers to make a sale.

It is a great field to explore if you have the technical knowledge and want to earn good money.

The List of It:

By now, you might have got a well understanding of the job opportunities digital marketing has to offer. It’s time you invest time and energy to acquire skills in it and build a profitable career for yourself.

Just remind yourself there are endless options for you to earn money here. And, it’s going to grow more and more in the coming days.

Start a high growth career today and make the best of it. Cheers.


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