Online advertising is a significant aspect for any business, and they prefer it as a top priority. There are several online advertising platforms present in today’s competitive market world. The PPC or Pay per click is gaining ground these days as a top performer in the digital marketing niche. Google Adwords is the most prevalent one amongst the mass of digital marketers.

Digital marketers well-versed in Google Adwords are highly demanded and open to a wide range of job opportunities. There are professional courses and certifications too for excelling in PPC or Google Adwords. Are you planning for a digital advertising career? Muddled about the question and answers to be popped in the interview?

You have landed the exact page. Check out the Google AdWords interview questions and answers and excel in your interview.

1.Question: What is Adwords?

Answer: The advertising platform by Google, where keywords are subject to the bidding process, is termed Adwords. The search engine and associated websites portray the advertisements depending on the keywords as a user browses for specific products or services. For every click on the ad, the advertiser needs to pay.

2. Question: What is PPC?

Answer: PPC stands for pay per click. It is a marketing technique that grabs in traffic from other sites or search engines to the company website. The advertisers gain payment as someone clicks on the ad, making it pay per click.

3. Question: Do you know about campaign management?

Answer: Developing and managing an advertisement campaign on Google Adwords refers to campaign management. The campaign manager takes the responsibility of managing the complete campaign and providing the return on investment.

4. Question: Can you describe the working of Adwords?

Answer: It is under the bidding system that AdWords work. With a high price ad, the ranking is also high. E-commerce posting on Adwords pays the estimated amount only after visitors click the ad.

5. Question: Describe quality score?

Answer: Based on PPC ad design and relevancy of keywords, Google provides the quality score. The various factors that impact the quality score are landing page relevance, quality, keyword relevance, ad text relevance, CTR, and previous ad performance.

6. Question: What is the use of Google Adwords?

Answer: The primary benefit of Google Adwords over social media marketing is the target of users. Being an inbound marketing category, people hunting for any service or product move to the website. Here the conversion rates are enhanced than social media marketing users.

Google Adwords can drive in more visitors than organic marketing in a short period. For instant advertising of products or services, Google Adwords is the superior choice. They are also an ultimate choice that supports higher conversion rates.

They assist in aiming at the right customer at the right time. Irrespective of all these benefits, Google Adwords is secure, scalable, measurable than SERP.

7. Question: Can you explain the formula for CTR? Does CTR enhance quality score?

Answer: Click-through rate or CTR is a unit utilized for measuring the Ad’s click rate. Clicks/impressions *100 is the standard formula for CTR. The above determines the best score for the Ad.

There is a decline in the total spend by an increase in the CTR. The score also decides the victory of Ad headings and descriptions concerning impressiveness and relevancy. Every keyword possesses its own CTR.

8. Question: Do you think PPC is significant in Digital Marketing?

Answer: PPC plays a crucial role in digital marketing for the following reasons.
There is a quick release of results while comparing with organic campaigns
The method is appropriate to target the right customer at the best time.
Advertising odd products that are tough to find are easily through with PPC.

9. Question: Can you state a few Google Adwords extensions?

Answer: For enhancing traffic, there are ample extensions available. Few ad extensions are commonly utilized. Callout extension, call extension, site link extension, affiliate location extension, review extension, app extension, promotion extension, price extension, message extension, and structured snippet extension.

10. Question: What is Ad rank?

Answer: The position on the Google page based on the Quality score is Ad rank. For a better understanding, Ad rank is determined by factors such as competition, Ad quality, Ad threshold, bid amount, user context search, the effect of extensions, and additional Ad formats. The Ad ranks make sure to reap more visibility. There is a recalculation of Ad rank each time it qualifies to pop up. Hence there is a variation based on the above factors.

11. Question: Specify the character limit for Ad words Ad?

Answer: Headline 1 is limited to 30 characters
Headline 2 is limited to 30 characters
The headline three is limited to 30 characters
The description line 1 is limited to 90 characters
The description line 2 is limited to 90 characters
The path is specified with 15 characters each

12.Question: Can you state the differences between direct marketing and branding?

Answer: Direct marketing campaign: The advertiser concentrates on visitors more associated with the business in a direct marketing campaign. The significant parameter to consider in this category is the conversion rate that describes the ROI. Some frequent campaigns, shopping campaigns, search network only, dynamic search ads, and more.
Branding campaign: While considering a branding campaign, the advertiser posts the ads on several applications and sites. Some standard methods include Youtube ads, display ads, custom ads, remarketing, and more.

13. Question: State about Google Ads double serving policy?

Answer: According to this policy, the advertiser cannot advertise for the same websites or keywords from many several accounts. The above procedures’ main intention is to avert posting ads of companies with frequent ownership or usual companies. Google Ads double serving policy provides a chance for users to view ads from dissimilar providers.

14.Question: Describe Actual CPC?

Answer: The actual CPC is a real-time calculation, and there are no ways to know the exact figure. But there are ways to understand the Avg CPC.
Actual CPC= (Ad rank to beat)/QS + $0.01.

15. Question: After developing an Ad word account, state the settings that cant be changed?

Answer: Currency and time zone cant be changed.

16. Question: Mention about Ad group in Google Ads?

Answer: Ad groups are vessels of advertisements, landing pages, and keywords. Advertisers are rewarded by Google if the Ad words campaign is perfectly structured. Hence a good piece of advice is to assemble keywords into particular themes for improved structure.

17. Question: State the difference between CPV, CPM, and CPC?

Answer: CPC: The CPC or cost per click is the amount paid for every click.
CPM: The amount paid for thousand impressions is the cost per thousand irrespective of the number of clicks received.
CPV: The pay for every unique user view for a website or advertisement is CPV. Video marketing campaigns such as Youtube make the most use of CPV.

18. Question: What is the perfect quality score for Ad words?

Answer: For impressive results, five and above stands to be the perfect quality score.

19. Question: Explain the working of Google Auctions?

Answer: Auctions take place billions of times each month, and users find ads appropriate to their search. There is the processing of requests by Google and runs the auction that decides the CPC for every advertiser and Ad position.

20.Question: In Google Ad words, what is a conversion optimizer?

Answer: Google Ad words utilize a tool for bid manipulation known as conversion optimizer and determine the ads’ valuable click. The above assists in reaping a maximum return on investment.

21. Question: State the character limit for a destination URL?

Answer: The destination URL character is limited to 1024 characters.

22. Question: Explain the process of Ad rotation?

Answer: The campaign setting in Google Ad words that mechanically rotates the Adwords in an Ad group is Ad rotation. The advertiser has opportunities to request Google for the mode of Ad rotation. It is possible to opt for rotating evenly or depending on best performance ads. The Ad rotation follows a few steps as follows.
Setting the Ad rotation for a specific campaign
Log into Google Ad account
Reach the navigation panel and click all campaigns
Hit the campaign you desire to change
Get to settings in the page menu
Hit the additional settings
Click on Ad rotation
Pick the preferred Ad rotation method: rotate indefinitely or optimize.
HIt save

23. Question: Explain the various automatic bidding strategies?

Answer: The several automatic bidding strategies in Google Adwords are
Target search page location: This method sets bid in automatically by elevating the chances of ads getting highlighted on Google’s top search results on the first page.

Maximize clicks: The bid adjusts automatically to gain many likes based on the budget.

Target outranking share: The bids in this strategy are set automatically to outrank a domain.

Enhance CPC: For maximizing conversations, adjusting bids happen automatically.

Target CPA: For gaining maximum conversions according to target CPA, there is an automatic setting of bids.

24. Question: Explain phrase match?

Answer: One of the four keywords matching Google Adwords choices allows the ad to be present for the visitors. They type your exact keywords and immediate keyword variations with extra words before and after keywords, and the above is known as phrase match.

25. Question: What is the effect of quality score on Ad position and CPC?

Answer: Quality score is directly proportional to Ad position and inversely proportional to CPC. So a higher QS leads to a higher position and lower cost.

26. Question: Mention the primary practices every fresh Adword advertiser should follow?

Answer: Each land page should possess a proper CTA such as purchase option, lead form, or business achievement in the campaign.
Avoid opting for an immense amount of budget for a short period in the initial stage.
With the exact keywords, develop different ad groups and set themes for the groups.
Work vigorously on the betterment of quality scores and decreasing the spending budget.
Make sure search ads possess clear headlines and crisp CTA tests.
Pick the negative keywords and keywords carefully and have regular monitoring with search term reports.

27. Question: State the targeting options in display ads?

Answer: Demographics
Topics and interest
Auto and manual

28. Question: Can you state the search network ads targeting options?

Answer: Placements
Interest and topics

29. Question: What do you know about Google ad API?

Answer: Google ad API specifically targets third parties, tech-savvy and large advertisers. With Google ad API, developers gain the opportunity to build applications that converse directly with the Google Adwords server.

30. Question: Explain about tracking conversions in Google Ad words?

Answer:Adwords provide the basic tracking code that helps in tracking conversions. It also assists in varying the additional code distinctive to a specific platform. As a visitor sees your ad and does not click it, the view-through conversion window monitors the details.

There are also possibilities for accessing the search funnel analysis and tools, indicating that the visitor clicks the ad for the first time. It also delivers details about the frequency of ad visits before conversion.

31. Question: What is google click-to-call?

Answer: The click-to-call focuses on businesses that do not require or possess a website. By opting for a Google click-to-call campaign, the business’s contact number is left behind for visitors. By hitting the ad on Google SERP, the user contacts the firm.

32.Question: Do you know the details about IP address exclusion in Google Ad words?

Answer: Any entrepreneur has plenty of reasons to eliminate IP addresses. Some businesses eradicate IP addresses of their offices to avert impressions being wasted. For a particular campaign, the IP address exclusion eliminates nearly 500 IP addresses. The process is as follows.
Navigate to the left side of the page menu and hit settings
Look for the campaign
Click and enlarge the IP exclusion section
Type the IP addresses for elimination.

33. Question: State the ways to increase conversion rates in Google Ad words?

Answer: Elevate conversion rates by following the below
Develop ads that sync with keywords
Concentrate on appropriate keywords
Utilize negative keywords
Enhance landing page
Concentrate on quality score
Maintain your Adwords profile arranged.



Cracking the Google Ad words interview is stress-free by planning and preparing in the right way. Your dream job in digital marketing is not far away. Glimpse through the Google Ad words interview question and answers and gain in-depth knowledge about the happenings.
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