After 2020 left us flabbergasted due to the onset of the pandemic, almost all operations have been shifted to a digital platform. Technology is a major field that came to the rescue.

We live in a time where businesses exist in data-driven markets and hence it is highly important to be up to date with the dynamic field of digital marketing.

Let’s advance to find out the most awaited digital marketing trends of the year 2021.

1. Artificial intelligence

Advancements in the field of artificial intelligence, have not only affected the field of digital marketing but all fields of life. Many people were forced to use AI as the last resort to salvage their businesses, firms, companies, and even educational institutions due to the pandemic.

Many famous figures have stated that AI will be the backbone of the functionality of the entire world. Even though AI will take away jobs in large numbers, firms will hire them as they provide the advantage of being able to store large amounts of important data as well as using this data to analyze the scenario hence producing reports i.e. consumer behaviors, that will help enable correcting mistakes or identifying opportunities much faster.

A good example of AI would be what the company Stitch Fix does. They use the data collected by AI and combine it with ideas that match what the customers want. This is aided with the help of personal stylists succumbing to the styles the customers want.

2. Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic advertising is a type of advertising that is aided by AI to target a more distinct audience by automating the ad buying process. The advantage that comes along with this is higher efficiency and is done at a faster rate. This thus implements that there would be higher conversions and lover investment made towards customers. A good example of this would be the use of RTB, also known as real-time bidding.

3. Chatbots

The use of chatbots is aided by AI whose functionality includes real-time chatting with humans who have queries or doubts. The advantage that the chatbots provide is that they are available 24/ 7. Due to this, they have taken over the majority of the customer service jobs. Other advantages include accuracy, prompt responses, keeps track of the history of a person it interacts with.

This prevents decision fatigue amongst the existing employees of the company from performing such menial tasks, instead of working on much more important work. Chat marketing enhances the marketing processes such as sales, customer services, shopping along with answering various FAQs. A good example of brands that use chatbots is Sephora, Pizza Hut, Dominos, Fandango, and many more large enterprises.

4. Conversational Marketing

The main disadvantage held by chatbots is that they respond and do not converse, or are not capable of having a conversation. This is where conversational marketing helps by including a conversation between a marketer and a customer. It is accessible 24/7. This enhances the user experience which results in customer loyalty being a bonus. Plum is a good example of conversational marketing.

6. Personalization

People of today are attracted to personalized content as opposed to generic content.

Companies prefer working with technology that provides features of personalization with them. This could include personalized products and emails to boost up gaining customers. Netflix is a great example that personalizes its content based on the viewer’s interests to provide tailored recommendations.

8. Video Marketing

People prefer to gain information about a particular product or service via videos as opposed to the traditional way of doing the same with the help of catalogs and brochures. Video marketing is also said to have a higher level of customer engagement to it along with having the feature of live streams, where people all across the world can view events in real-time without missing out on it.

YouTube is not the only platform on which this type of marketing occurs. Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn are strong contenders to it. A few trends of video marketing that are currently well known are live videos, 1:1 videos, video SEO, and 360-degree video content.

9. Influencer Marketing & Live Streams

Influencer marketing involves information and reviews being spread by word of mouth, the only difference being it is done on a digital platform using social media channels. The influencers pick a particular niche, which directly reflects the characteristics of the followers that they have. Dunkin Donuts was involved in influencer marketing on National Donut Day by involving influencers from across the world to promote their donuts by taking over their channel for the day.

10. Social Messaging Apps

Facebook Messenger has 1.3 billion users while WhatsApp has a strong 1.6 billion users which makes it one of the most active platforms to attract their customers. The benefits that come along with using these apps, considering the marketing perspective are that they deliver information, increase sales, provide customer service, have high engagement, and gain potential customers.

11. Visual & Voice Search

This genre of digital marketing takes the user experience levels up a notch. This is met with the concept of specific searches. Some examples of marketing via visual searches include a Pinterest lens, Google Lens, CamFind, Bing Visual Search, and so on. This also gives a competitive advantage to companies using this. A great example of voice search would be what PayPal does by making use of Siri to help in sending money to friends and family.

12. Augmented Reality (AR) & Immersive Technology

This methodology is being used as a tool to increase sales as well as enhance user experience. It has been proven that AR will beat VR shortly with regard to market share. An example to back this up would be the technology “ModiFace” that is being used by L’Oreal, which showcases how the face would look with a myriad of looks.


With the advancement of technology, modified trends will surface to assist business owners in increasing visibility, enticing clients, hence making companies stand out in the crowd. Apart from the above enlisted digital trends SEO, sustainability, inclusivity, social media stories, and many more have consumed the marketing industry.

The digital marketing industry is quite dynamic and change is inevitable. What is necessary is your diligence to be on your toes and adapt to the evolving technology with a breakneck speed so that your business never sees the sun setting on its end.


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