Starting a new business can be incredibly intimidating in today’s economy. As trends rise and fall at an unmeasurable speed, entrepreneurs are perplexed about what serves as effective marketing. Fortunately, we now have digital marketing as a means to attract customers and build brand image.

What are digital marketing tools?

Since digital marketing can be quite complicated, experts in the field have created digital tools that are easy to use by entrepreneurs and help them get detailed insight into consumer behavior and buying patterns.

Modern business aims are to build a brand that is everywhere. However, occupying virtual space is a challenge far greater than marketing in real space. Faced with many challenges, technical and technologies, experts have created digital marketing tools that ease small businesses’ entry into the market.

Why use digital marketing tools?

In the era of competition, not only is it essential to have an online presence to seem authentic, but a quality brand image is an influential factor that turns a potential customer into a loyal consumer.

Digital marketing tools make large-scale marketing attainable through a mere few clicks. They save ample time, money, and human effort, which are valuable resources to any organization. These quick, effective shortcuts to brand building can set your business up for grand success if used correctly.

Sounds like too much? Here’s a solution.

While you can consult a marketing company to help you out with digital marketing, it can be expensive and comes with the risk of losing autonomy and control over your brand image. If you want to remain the primary decision-maker in each aspect of digital marketing, you can learn all the know-hows without much trouble.

Since this is an exponentially growing form of marketing, there are now plenty of online institutions that teach digital marketing. One such is SkillCircle. The most significant advantage of such platforms is that they provide access to real-life opportunities and case studies that help you practice and systematically build skills.

Best Digital Marketing Tools

1. MailChimp

The greatest advantage of this tool is the flexibility in their pricing. You can choose to enlarge your mailing list and pay according to its size. This email marketing tool is the perfect starting point for beginners who are just entering the digital marketing world.

Users send over 250 billion emails, making MailChimp the pioneer of its kind. It is an excellent tool for email drip campaigns and is an effective way to engage with your target audience.

2. Twitter Native Platform

As a paid social media tool, the Twitter Native Platform engages you with a wide variety of users. They offer customizable marketing strategies and use keywords to locate potential customers.

Whenever someone tweets using a specific keyword or interacts with a tweet that contains the keyword, they will be targeted.

3. Google Analytics

You can’t go wrong with Google. Google Analytics is seen as the gold standard for Website Analytics Tools. They provide detailed insight by following customers and tracking their clicks and progress through the sales funnel.

With information about who your visitors are and what they do on your website in real-time, you can manipulate sales and marketing strategies to cater to their preferences. The more you know your customer, the better chance of you selling to them!

4. Ad Roll

Retargeting can be an effective way to convert bounced traffic into real buyers. Display retargeting tools follow the target audiences around websites to repeatedly expose them to the ad, sparking their interest.

These ads are a great way to redirect your target audience to an online store. AdRoll, in particular, grants access to over 500 ad exchanges. One of their success stories celebrated a 256% rise in sales, and there is no reason why you cannot be next!

5. Visual Website Optimizer

A website testing tool is an absolute necessity to optimize the customer experience. With VWO, you can quickly create multiple versions of pages of your website with different colors, fonts, and images.

This tool provides analytics into customer behavior, which provides a trackable source of conversion into buyers. With the help of actual numbers, you can decide which designs work best for you and enhance your brand the most.

6. Live Chat

While customer service is not directly under marketing, it can be a determining factor in your success. With LiveChat, you can respond to queries, solve issues, and receive feedback in real-time, directly from the user.

This dynamic approach is a great way of engaging a visitor and securing their interest in your products. This sense of human contact can be used to trick customers into being loyal and satisfied.

7. CJ Affiliate

Digital marketing in 2021 would be incomplete without affiliate marketing. It’s nothing of wonder that people follow recommendations from trusted influencers and experts. Conducting business using affiliate marketing tools means that they advertise your products in exchange for a percentage of the sales they generate.

CJ Affiliate is one of the most popular platforms, with a network of bloggers and influencers from varied backgrounds and aesthetics. Their self-service platform allows you to carry out your business independently.


Expanding your customer base can be a challenging task, made quite comfortable with the recent technological additions to marketing strategies. Digital marketing tools include but are not limited to mailing platforms, analytics, affiliate marketing, paid social media marketing, and customer service.

With platforms like SkillCircle, you can quickly brush up on marketing strategies so that you can employ the most recent findings and techniques to your business.

“Mediocre marketers think in terms of campaigns. Great marketers think in terms of growth frameworks.”

These modern learning platforms are authentic and provide certification. Training under experienced professionals can provide a good boost within a relatively short period of time.

These courses teach you how to use a variety of digital marketing tools, including and more than the ones we could cover in this article. With lifetime access to resources, you can have an ever-improving marketing game.


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