You are about to write a digital marketing resume to get that creative position. Whether it’s SEO, email campaigns, or content creation, you have what they’re looking for. but first You need to show them. You need to market yourself digitally in front of the employer. You need a resume that converts.

#1 Stay Active

Research is one of the most important digital marketing skills. Everything you need to know is already at your fingertips so use your investigative powers to make a targeted plan. Research shows that applicants typically spend only 76 seconds reviewing job postings before deciding to apply. Maybe that’s why only 2% of them ever reach the interview stage. If you really want the job, take the time to look for it properly.

  • Research the firm and understand its history and mission statement
  • Note down keywords to add to your CV so they know you’ve made the effort
  • Don’t be afraid to change your CV so that it targets the specifics of the position
  • Break down the job posting and make sure you tick the box for what you asked for

The employer is looking for something specific and when they are interested in things outside the job, the most important thing for them is to fill the gap in their team. Having a CV template is good, but by personalizing your CV to the exact requirements of the post you are immediately showing that you are enthusiastic and want to stand out from the crowd.

#2 Keep your focus clear

Concise and effective communication that engages your audience is one of the cornerstones of digital marketing. If you are applying for digital marketing jobs then this is the first thing any employer would be looking for. Make sure your Digital Marketing CV Looks Amazing and relevant. 

The employer wants to fill a certain gap in their team and add specific skills. Find out what they are and tell them how you would do it. If they are looking for content creation tell them about your blog writing, if they want SEO experts to point to your optimization record, for PPC and campaign planning tell them you are AdWords certified.

If you feel that you have shortcomings in your own skills or you want to enhance the skills to improve your prospects, then proofing your digital marketing skills will increase your knowledge and employability.

For many people, even pressing on sending an application to someone they’ve never met is enough to fill them with a flood of anxiety. What will they think of me? Will they laugh? Will they send it to all their friends? The answer that satisfies all of these questions is: they don’t really care.

Recruiters spend around 6 seconds scanning each CV. They have a job to do and if you don’t fit the bill they will reject you, end of the story. So seeing this, there is no need to be afraid of them. If you have taken the time to write a good application then you can write with confidence too. Focus on highlighting your achievements, what you have accomplished and how you are what the firm needs.

When you don’t believe in yourself it is difficult for other people to believe in you.

#4 Use LinkedIn While Keeping Things Brief

Conciseness is important when writing any CV because no one enjoys information overload. Once you’ve uncovered your key experience and attributes, it’s a good idea to encourage the recruiter to read your LinkedIn profile to find out more.

There are many issues in the way LinkedIn works but it is undoubtedly the best professional networking site. Having an effective and up-to-date profile gives you an excellent tool for moving the recruiter along the funnel. You can go into more detail about your experiences and find out more about your personality as well. If they’ve reached that level it means they’re looking for a little push to interview you, it’s up to you to give them that.

#5 Be Careful with the keywords

It is hardly a surprise to learn that technology is helping recruiters to sort the wheat from the husk before viewing the digital marketing CV. They do this through an applicant tracking system that sorts all applications and rejects those that don’t hit certain keyword quotas.

It’s been common in large businesses for years, with over 90% of Fortune 500 companies using them, but it’s also becoming more prevalent in low-lying areas.

So what to do? Well, the answer should be obvious to anyone with good SEO knowledge, locate the keywords you are looking for and then make sure they are included in your content. In fact, you can even use the software to your advantage by “optimizing” your CV to ensure that it gets a good relevance rank from the checker.

To do this, read the job posting a few times and note its focus, which words are repeated and which areas are highlighted as important. Then, just make sure you include those words and their associated words when looking for skills to add to your resume.

#6 Analyze everything By Using Analytics

Numbers draw the eye and stand out in the forest of text. What better way to have someone scanning your CV than with clear analytics highlighting your achievements.

As digital marketing skills advance, analytics are of paramount importance. Not only is ‘big data’ taking over everything from elections to government spending, but its ability to accurately show things like CTR, conversion rates, and ad reach is one of the major advantages of digital marketing over its more traditional cousin.

If you’ve worked on campaigns, created landing pages, or engaged with online ads, you should be able to explain how they went. Numbers are quick and easily digestible and signal not only to your audience that you are good at your job, but also that you recognize the power and importance of analysis.

#7 Link Well and quite Often

Digital marketing jobs naturally revolve around the internet and this forum has an expectation that everything can be quantitative. This means that you should be able to back up what you claim on your CV with cold, hard links.

This can be in the form of content you create such as blogs, articles or infographics, or social media management that you have been in charge of. These can be great ways to show the recruiter your digital marketing skills as well as show proof of your honesty and integrity!

It’s up to you to use every weapon in your arsenal to outperform the competition while looking for skills to CV. Even if you think you could do with additional knowledge in certain areas, there are resources and digital marketing course options out there, so don’t let yourself be discouraged. Attend our free Masterclass on The Complete Guide to Career In Digital Marketing to help you build the career you love.